A Guide on Cancelling Your Contract with a Lawyer

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Generally, legal matters involve long and complex processes. You must not hire amateurs, but highly experienced gigs for the job. However, there are still those individuals who will claim to be fit for the job only to disappoint you in the process.

All the same, being able to read between the lines and act early spares you a big deal of trouble in your case. Below are some of the things to consider when firing your lawyer. Take a look.

1. Seek new representation.

Before you even write a termination letter to your current personal injury lawyer in Provo, you should find a new representative. This way, they can file a substitution to the jury as early as possible.

This doesn’t just save you time but keeps your case going, even during the lawyer transition process. Besides, don’t badmouth your would-be fired lawyer, as this may suggest to the incoming lawyer that you are hard to work with.

2. Pay outstanding fees.

Some lawyers will be reluctant to give the client files when there is some balance due. Therefore, it’s essential to find out the figures of the balances you owe them and pay up, so they release your files.

This way, your new lawyer finds enough time to strategize and up the speed of your case. Also, ask them for a documented billing statement, so you can claim any available refunds you might have rights to.

3. Write a termination letter.

The most professional way of terminating your contract is by writing a certified letter to the old attorney. You don’t have to be wordy — neither are you supposed even to let them know the reasons behind their termination.

Just mention that you are terminating the working relationship and that you would like them to stop all the work they are doing on your case.

Generally, lawyers undergo a lot to see that clients’ interests are well represented. However, this shouldn’t give them room to act slowly and unethically. If you are unfortunate to hire such a lawyer, it’s wise that you go back to the drawing board and shop for a replacement.