6 Tips to Keep Your Produce Fresh & Crisp

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from St. Peters, NSW

Following a healthy diet plan can benefit you and your body in so many ways. Eating nutrient-rich foods, like fruits and vegetables, every day strengthens your body’s overall function and lowers down the chances of many health conditions. The only problem now is how to keep your produce fresh and avoid contamination?

Here are some things you can do:

Tip #1 – Wash Your Produce

Right before the produce falls into your hands, they’ve been to a lot of places. In this case, the chances of being exposed to bacteria and contaminants are higher. So, to avoid the transfer of bacteria, you have to wash them thoroughly in running water before you consume them. No need for cleaning solution and whatnots.

Tip #2 – Refrigeration & Storing

Each fruit or vegetable is stored depending on its type. Several veggies require moist while others need dry storage. However, for most produce the ideal temperature level should be set at around 34°F. Be sure to pay attention to this detail, if you’re serious in keeping them fresh and crisp.

Tip #3 – Keep Away from Chemical or Gas Compound

Most fruit and veg suppliers, such as simongeorge.com.au place their produce away from smoke or any chemical-infected location. The reason for this are compounds like smoke and gas can increase the ripening process of foods in a very unnatural way. In other words, it may cause spoilage and bacteria contamination.

Tip #4 – Don't Cut Them Unless You'll Eat Them

Fruits and veggies are more susceptible to bacteria when they are cut open. So, if you want to keep them fresh and tasty, try not to peel or cut them when not needed.

Tip #5 – Overstocking Is a No-No

Crowded produce storage usually leads to poor air circulation. To preserve the freshness of your produce, try not to store too many items in your fridge or storage area.

Tip #6 – Maintain Cleanliness in Your Fridge

Any mould or dirt can harm your food. Right before you restock your food supply, be sure that all the areas are completely cleaned and sanitised.

If you want to enjoy eating fresh and nutritious meals, these are some of the little things you need to keep in mind. Follow these steps and you’ll surely have no problem in storing your produce for long.