6 Common Practices You Do That May Destroy Your Air Conditioning Unit

commercial aircon repair

commercial aircon repairMost AC unit owners do these common practices that, unbeknownst to them, may be slowly destroying their air conditioning unit.

1. Poor operation practices.

Failing to inspect if the windows and doors are shut tight before turning the unit on will most definitely “exhaust” your AC unit. Make sure that when the unit is on, it is operating in the smallest enclosed space allowable.

2. Poor maintenance.

Allowing dust and other debris to pile up and clog the airways will decrease the functional capabilities of a commercial air conditioner, says apexaircon.com.au, and cause its individual parts to fail prematurely.

3. Inappropriate size.

The size of commercial air conditioning systems should be appropriate in relation to the space. It will surprise you to hear this, but bigger is not always better.

A unit that is too small will be unable to cool down the room adequately. One that is too big, on the other hand, is simply a waste of electricity (which will result in not-too-pleasant figures in your monthly bills).

4. Extremes in usage: either keeping the unit on 24/7 or not using it at all.

You may be aware that keeping it on for far too long will exhaust the machine and possibly lead to overheating. But, leaving it off for far too long will also reap negative effects. Unregulated moisture may lead to mould and fungi growth. Moreover, your AC unit’s condition may deteriorate.

5. Not setting the thermostat properly.

With air conditioners, temperature controls are everything. Turning down the thermostat to a temperature lower than desired to speed up the cooling process is not a very good idea, as it also speeds up energy consumption.

6. Not troubleshooting minor issues.

Small problems will pile up and may eventually become too big to handle. That is why you should not ignore them. Some common issues include:

• Clogged up drainage;
• Problems with the temperature sensor; and
• Refrigerant leaks;

Avoid these common mistakes to keep your air conditioner in good condition and to keep those nasty bills away.