5 Facts You Need To Know About A Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment in Westfield Have you ever heard your dentist say that you need a root canal treatment? The procedure’s name often scares people, here are 5 facts you need to know about the treatment and why you shouldn’t fear it.

Fact #1: A root canal procedure doesn’t have to be painful. Before the treatment, your dental provider will inject local anesthesia into the infected tooth. After a slight tingling, the rest of the dental treatment should be relatively painless. In fact, you wouldn’t feel much while the procedure is going on.

Fact #2: Expect a little sensitivity. Just like any dental procedure, you might experience a little soreness or sensitivity in the days following the root canal treatment. This is part of the healing process and nothing that a pain reliever couldn’t fix.

Fact #3: Root canal treatments require more than one trip to the dentist. While there are some cases that can be finished in a single trip, some cases might require two visits. Of course, you need to visit your dentist for check-ups following the root canal procedure so he or she can check and confirm the success of the treatment.

Fact #4: You need to protect your teeth following a root canal procedure. After removing the infected or inflamed pulp and disinfecting the area, the dentist adds a filling and then restores the teeth by crowning it. While a root canal procedure often restores the teeth back to its normal function, you should employ best practices to protect your tooth from possible fractures. This means you should be careful when chewing or biting using the tooth that just underwent the procedure. Good dental habits are also exemplified when you go through this treatment.

Fact #5: Root canal treatment is better than a tooth extraction. The goal of family dental clinics in Westfield is to save your teeth. This is why many suggest getting a root canal instead of getting the impacted tooth out. Missing teeth can lead to misalignment, which then requires another dental procedure. Despite the advancements in dental technologies, there is nothing better than having your own teeth for a long time.

Do Not Fear Root Canal Treatment

There are many misconceptions about this dental treatment that lead to unnecessary fears. Like all dental procedures, a root canal treatment is designed to help save the impacted tooth. While a degree of pain is expected following the surgery, saving a tooth is better than losing one.