4 Ways to Avoid Expensive Data Charges Abroad

Data ChargesOne of the most effective ways to avoid expensive data charges when you’re overseas is to never use your phone. However, sometimes it is necessary to use your phone for checking the GPS, for sending out an important email, or for emergencies.

Most of the time, people who use their data service abroad go home to a staggering phone bill. Apart from not using your phone or relying on Wi-Fi, how can you avoid these crazy data charges abroad? Below are some ways to help you.

  1. Check Your Phone Settings

By default, Apple switches off the data roaming option. Thus, you cannot use iPhone applications (maps, web browser, and email) that require a data connection while you’re abroad, unless you turn on the data roaming setting. Even though it is a default setting, you should still check it before leaving the country. People with Android phones should definitely check their settings as they are on as a default.

Check also the automatic update settings for your apps. Make sure that they only update when you have access to Wi-Fi, not through data roaming.

  1. Change Your SIM Card

Today, there are companies, such as UK Prepaid Sim Card, that offer SIM cards which allow you to use data roaming on your phone while overseas. Just make sure that you purchase a new SIM card that works in the country you will visit.

  1. Consider a Data Bundle

Some mobile networks offer data bundles that allow you to have a data connection while you’re abroad. Most of them offer a fixed amount for these bundles. Again, make sure that this service works in your destination and see if the rates are reasonable.

  1. Download Maps Offline

As maps are essential when you’re travelling, experts advise people to download maps offline before leaving the country. In this manner, you have access to significant maps even without a data connection.

When you address this issue before leaving, you do not just lower the risk of getting high phone bills, but you also reward yourself with a stress-free travel.