4 Signs to Watch Out for to Know if Your Body is Overheating

A little sunshine is good for the health, but too much of it can be dangerous. In states like Utah, where the weather often goes too dry and warm, staying outside can cause your body to overheat. When that happens, you sweat more and become dehydrated.

Below are the signs of your body overheating. As soon as you notice them, get some shade, drink lots of water, and make sure to turn on the AC:


One of the first things you’ll notice is you’ll feel lightheaded. That’s because when the nerve tissues in the brain get heated up, they become unstable, causing headaches and making you confused. It would feel like you’re unable to move as well because the nerves controlling movement are also affected.

Sometimes, just having a person sit in a cool environment can relieve dizziness. So, it’s better to have an AC on standby at your house. If you don’t have yet, arrange for AC installation in your Salt Lake City home, suggests Whipple Service Champions.

Redness in Skin

You may also see heat rashes when the body overheats, especially when you’re wearing heavy clothing. Why? Sweat gets trapped under the skin, as sweat ducts are restricted. This then forms red bumps, which indicate inflammation. So when going outside for long periods under the heat of the sun, make sure to wear loose, light clothing.

Sweating… or Not

If you’re sweating excessively than the usual, it’s probably due to heat exhaustion. If you’re not sweating at all though even under the heat of the sun, you probably have anhidrosis, which refers to the condition where the body is just unable to cool itself off.

Heart Beating Fast or Slow

A change in heart rate is a clear sign of the body overheating. In some instances, you’d feel like your heart rate is slowing down. This is a sign of heat exhaustion and may be accompanied by nausea and muscle cramps.

In other instances, you may feel as if your heart is beating uncontrollably fast. This then may indicate heat stroke, which is far more serious. When this happens, it’s important to take the patient to the hospital right away, as this might lead to damage to the heart, brain, and kidneys.

Body overheating is a serious health issue, which may lead to dangerous complications. So, make sure to keep cool always, wherever you are.