4 Healthy Mexican Recipes You Can Prepare at Home 

Mexican tacos with beef

Having problems deciding where to eat? Having some Mexican cravings while you’re on diet? There’s no need to worry. Today, you will learn some of the easiest recipes from your favorite Mexican restaurant in Woodbridge. So, prepare your kitchen and get ready to take a trip to the nearest supermarket.

1. Grilled Sweet Potato Nachos

Yes, you can make those nachos a little healthier, and it’s really good for appetizers. Instead of ground beef and cheese, use sweet potatoes and corn for toppings. Sprinkle some black beans and you have a complete healthy meal of protein, good carbs, and fiber. You can also make a mush of guacamole for the dip.

2. Pico de Gallo

Instead of salsa that you can buy from a local market, make your own Pico de Gallo. Keep in mind that the bottled or canned salsa from the supermarket is full of sugar and salt. Pico de Gallo is the best alternative to get that oozing flavor you’re craving for. Just be ready with your chopping and stirring skills for this. If you want to make it spicier, simply add jalapenos.

3. Quinoa Enchilada Casserole

With this dish, you can say goodbye to tortillas. You can create a bowl full of healthy ingredients, such as quinoa, green chilis, corn, black beans, cottage cheese, and feta cheese. Stir all the ingredients and bake it in an oven with medium heat for 15 minutes.

4. Black Bean Tacos

Who said tacos cannot be healthy? You just need some modifications and you can eat your all-time favorite Mexican snack the healthy way. Just take it easy with the cheese and reduce the amount of ground beef. Use black beans as your staple meat and sprinkle some lemon zest. Now, you have a healthier version of tacos.

There are many other healthier Mexican recipes you can get online or from updated cookbooks. There’s no need to skip your cravings. Prepare your favorite Mexican dish at home or if you have the time and budget, visit your favorite authentic Mexican restaurant regularly.