4 Habits You Probably Do that Ruin Your Oral Health

Oral HealthEver since we were children, we have been taught to take care of our teeth. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit the dentist every six month – we all know the routine. But what some people might forget is that our daily habits do contribute to the deterioration of our own oral health. Unknowingly, we become our teeth’s worst enemy.

Unidental-uk.com’s Stockport dentists say that the following habits wreck your oral health:

Brushing Improperly

The way you brush your teeth is important if you want to have impeccable oral health. You would want to apply just the right amount of pressure when cleaning your biters. Going at it too strongly (especially with powerful electric brushes) wears down the enamel in your teeth.

Brush your teeth using the right movement too, as going side to side contribute to receding gums.

Drinking Sugar-free Beverages

Just because the drink is sugar-free does it mean it is good for you. On the contrary, the use of artificial sweeteners can do more harm than good. For one, these sweeteners may increase your intake of sugar because the ingredient makes you crave for more. Moreover, the sweeteners contain large amounts of citric acid, which may contribute to tooth erosion.

Loading Up on Acid

Go easy on acidic foods if you want your teeth to stay healthy. Acid makes the enamel of your teeth softer. In effect, your biters become more susceptible to wear and damage. You would want to balance out the pH content in your saliva by making sure you consume the right amounts of both alkaline and acidic foods.

Using Strong Toothpaste

At first glance, using a strong toothpaste seems like a good idea – until you actually damage your teeth with it. The problem is that these abrasive toothpastes wear down your teeth and gums as well. Although they are effective at removing stains, you may want to use a milder iteration of the toothpaste.

Are you guilty of these four habits? It is not too late to change them. Adjust your lifestyle properly so you can ensure your smile is always at its best condition.