4 Awesome Remedies to Your Drab Doors

a front door of a home

You are very particular when it comes to your floors, your furniture, your appliances, and your walls. But do you pay attention to your doors?

Seriously, when was the last time you stopped and thought of customising your internal doors as part of spicing up your interior décor? Well, here’s a brief guide to showing your doors some love.

Start with repairs

Inspect all your doors and find out which ones need repairs. It could be that you need to repaint some. Perhaps you may need to replace them with brand-new aluminium glass sliding doors for an added touch of elegance. Whichever the case, your doors need to be in top shape as you begin to customise them.

Go for a fancy trim

Many houses have doors that are plain and boring. Find an attractive, well-placed trim for the door to improve its appearance. It’s affordable, sophisticated and will boost the value of your home. While at it, remember to spice up the hardware as well.

Use wallpaper

Yes, wallpaper works doors. And you need not buy it if you already have remnants. The options are endless. You could go for a wallpaper that has a bold pattern for added character. Choose the no messy glue option.

Choose a bold colour

Your doors don’t have to be white or brown all the time. How about gold or yellow? These colours help make the room feel larger and are the ideal options for smaller spaces like the bathroom. You need not replace the door. Simply paint it to transform its appearance. And you don’t have to paint both sides either.

Transforming your door can be a walk in the park given the small space you’re working on. With some creativity, you can get your door looking awesome and add colour and character to your living space.