3 Tips for Getting Temporary Employment

Now Hiring

Now HiringIf you find yourself holding the business end of a pink slip, do not fret. There is always a way to find temporary employment while you are looking for a more stable job. For many people, working through a temporary employment agency is the quickest means to find a source of income between permanent jobs.

i-recruit explains that, not only does temping give you the opportunity to find a job more quickly, but it also opens doors to a possible permanent position in the company. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Update Your Resume

The first thing you need to do if you intend to find temporary work in Brisbane is to submit an updated resume that includes references. This is important for the temp agency so they can speed up the process of hiring people. Prepare both hard and digital versions of your resume so you can submit them as required.

  1. Set up the Interview

Get in touch with a temp agency to get a schedule for an interview. Observe the proper protocol when doing so as each agency may have different ways of being contacted. There are some that will simply require you to fill out an online form and then wait for them to contact you, while others will immediately set up an interview after the submission of your resume. Call the agency first to know how to go about it properly.

  1. Be on Time for the Interview

Once you have gotten the interview schedule, don’t be late for it. Tardiness is a sign that you are not really interested, or that you are unreliable and that will have a major impact on whether you get temporary employment or not. During the interview, truthfully and confidently answer all their questions. Showcase your strengths and weaknesses. Dress professionally and be on your best behavior to maximise the chances of landing a temp job quickly.