3 Tips for Foreign Constructors Planning to Undertake Projects in Australia

people working on a construction project

A successful running of a construction project requires a lot of planning. The planning process becomes even more hectic where a company has been contracted to complete a construction project in a foreign country. Such projects result in complex logistical issues which must be carefully handled for the project to be considered a success.

Acquisition of Resources

Previously, companies undertaking construction projects in foreign countries used to transport their equipment from their countries of operations. Soon, companies realised that it was cheaper to hire equipment from hiring companies in the foreign countries.

That is because some hiring companies provide favourable packages that often include equipment operators. That eliminates the need of having to transport heavy machinery such as earth movers which would result in high transportation costs.

Government Regulations

Different countries have varying regulations regarding new construction projects. The regulations provide guidance on factors such as the maximum number of floors that a building may have. The limit varies from one area to another.

There is also a need to identify areas that have been marked as industrial parks and those that are marked as residential areas. Such information is crucial when deciding on the best location to acquire land for construction.

Applying for Permits

As a foreign company planning to undertake a construction project in Australia, always ensure that you make prior arrangements to apply for permits and licenses. In case it is your first project in Australia, you might not be aware of the different processing periods required with different permits.

It would be advisable to begin the application process as early as six months prior to the expected starting date of the project.

Foreign projects do not always have to be inefficient. Inadequate planning may result in additional expenses. With proper planning, you can begin and finish your project within the set deadline and budget.