3 Chic Ways to Set Up Your Granny Flat

Set up Granny Flat

Set up Granny FlatWe all know that granny flats were made with our grandparents in mind; however, that should not limit the way you style and set it up. When you buy your very own, be sure to grab the opportunity to glam it up and style it in a way it works best—both function and design.

With the housing crisis triggering the boom of modular home living, you are at risk of having homes that look exactly alike. It is no big deal, but if you are one to take originality and individualism seriously, here are some ideas you can use for your own innovative home.

Loft or Studio Home

The main point of a studio home is having everything in one space with as little dividers as possible. With your modular home’s limited space and design, it is important to have a functional design plan going for you.

As opposed to a studio home, a loft can work better for you if you want levels in your home. Placing your bedroom on the second level can provide the separation that determines your flat’s different living areas.

Having a customisable granny flat can work whichever way you want it to, so make it relevant to your lifestyle.

Garage Addition

Sure, it is not really for living, but having an extension for your garage gives you more space to do more handicraft and hands-on work.

The idea may not sound so stylish to you, but having it structured in a way it accommodates your needs will help you turn it into a stylish working shed.

Tree House

No, it does not have to be atop a tree. Just having it in an area with a high density of plants and trees will give it the same effect and aura.

Imagine having your very own getaway without having to travel far. Natural light seeping through your curtains, the leaves and branches of trees providing patches of shade in your living room and the freshest of air breezing past your window pane—what more could you ask for?

This is how your granny flat’s versatility is tested. Having it customised to fulfil the functions of a rest house in a very peaceful area will let not only your grandparents, but also everybody else want to live there.

If you still think your granny flat is just for your parents or grandparents, think again.