2018 Interior Design Trends Enthusiasts are Dying to Try

If you love coming home to a beautiful trendy interior, then you are in the right place. Here are home design trends for 2018 that you can definitely try.

Classic Tongue and Groove Panels

First seen in 15th-century abodes, the different types of wood paneling of today give modern homes a period homey vibe, creating a classic look and feel that never seems to go out of style. According to design predictions, we are going to see more of oak or pine tongue and groove panels in 2018.

You can expect vertical paneling to make a huge comeback this year. It gives a room both character and height. It’s also great for covering up unsightly signs of damage like crackly plaster. This classic look goes well with other trendy elements like a touch here and there of bright, warm colors.

It also adds much-needed texture to an interior of black and white.

Wabi Sabi

Minimalism is out. Wabi Sabi now belongs to the top home interior trends in 2018. And it’s more than just a design fad. It’s actually an old Japanese worldview that fosters the belief nothing in the world lasts, that there’s beauty in imperfection, and everything you see is incomplete.

When translated to architectural or interior design, what you’ll see are accent pieces that look broken, worn out by time, or asymmetrical. Hanging a blurry artsy photograph on your bare wall or leaving a slightly discolored wall untouched can give your home a Wabi Sabi vibe.

Oversized Florals

If a bloom of emotions is what your minimalist space needs, you might want to consider accentuating one wall with large blooms in contrasting colors. It creates such an arresting focal point, you may not have to invest in any other decorative piece.

Incorporating florals as accent walls or upholstery is also a good way to add hominess in an otherwise modern, minimalist atmosphere.
Your choice will ultimately depend on your personality, but these 2018 trends are so gorgeous they are definitely worth a try.