Diving Underwater Sentosa

A Slice of Heaven: 4 Sentosa Attractions

October 28, 2015 Admin 0

Sunny Singapore is a melting pot of tourist attractions, with nearly every part of the nation having a good number of interesting spots to visit. One of the most popular destinations is Sentosa Island, and […]

Health and Lifestyle

Dangers of DIY and Back Door Whitening

October 22, 2015 Admin 0

Many people will do anything to have whiter, brighter teeth. Due to the glorification of sparking smiles in media and celebrities’ Instagram profiles, they have become a fashion staple. In some cases, the fascination can […]

Health and Lifestyle

Aftercare for Dental Prosthesis: What to Do

October 21, 2015 Admin 0

Dental procedures are not the easiest thing for some people. Thus, can you imagine what sorts of things run around their heads if they are expecting to have a new tooth ‘installed’ for them? It […]