2 Sure Benefits of Keeping Your AC Unit in Prime Condition

AC unitIn the same way, your car needs regular tune-ups, your air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance scheduling to function properly as well. Such measures ensure that the AC unit in your home delivers consistent service and creates a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the prevailing climatic conditions.

One service per year is sufficient. Ideally, however, Larsen HVAC advises that you should have a professional in Sandy doing AC maintenance and repair before the summer checks in and another one before the winter period.

However, many homeowners neglect to change even the air filters, which do not require specialized knowledge or skills. Preferably, you should change the filters monthly to keep the unit optimum operating condition. Dust, debris, and dirt accumulating on the filters reduce efficiency and increase your power bills.

Here are some more incentives to have regular air conditioning unit maintenance.

Increases appliance lifespan

As per the manufacturers specifications, most HVAC unit boast a lifespan of a between 15 – 20 years while the gas alternatives boast up to 25 years. Regular maintenance scheduling ensures that the unit lives up to its potential. Failure to keep it in shape increases the likelihood of a breakdown and calls for expensive repairs when it fails. Again, the cost of maintenance pales in comparison to the cost of repairing some of the expensive components such as the heating elements, filter racks or damper.

Saves you money

A faulty unit is quite inefficient for cooling and heating a room, not to mention a home. As a result, you have to turn up the operating level regularly yet still achieve dismal results. Pushing the unit to its limit reduce the longevity and increases the likelihood of suffering a breakdown. On the flipside, the additional running hours translate into higher energy bills every month. By retaining a reputable air conditioner repair, Sandy homeowners keep their units in prime condition and maintain their bills low and manageable.

With regular AC maintenance, homeowners can lower their heating and cooling cost and increase the lifespan of their units.