10 Logo Design Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Logo Design in Fyshwick CanberraAmong the most effective and simplest ways to increase brand recognition is having a memorable and distinct logo. Creating one isn’t always easy, though. To start you off, here are 10 mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Colour and More Colour – Using too many colours will make the logo too confusing and busy. Consider sticking to four colours at the most, but if you must have more than four, consider keep colour psychology in mind.
  2. As Trendy as Can Be – Avoid designing the logo based on what’s trending at the moment because the logo might look dated when the trend dies down.
  3. Terrible Choice of Font – If you can’t create your own font, make certain that the font you’ll choose doesn’t resemble WordArt and is suitable for the brand.
  4. The Non-Transferable Logo – The logo must be easily transferable across multiple mediums. Ensure that your colour choice and overall design will work on printed materials and different tech touch points like mobile and desktop sites, recommends Voodoo Creative and other graphic design experts in Melbourne.
  5. Using Stock Art – Your main goal is to design a logo that will distinguish the brand among similar competitors, which means that using stock art is sacrilege.
  6. Copying Popular Logos – The logo should stand out among similar competitors so making a logo that resembles your competitors’ logos will negate all your efforts.
  7. Relying on Special Effects – Yes the logo might (or might not) look cool with special effects, so be careful not to overuse it. Likewise, consider how the logo will work on other mediums and greyscale.
  8. Being Too Font-Fanatic – Aside from making the logo busy, using different fonts could likewise change brand identity and might make it hard for people to understand what you want them to take away from the logo.
  9. Using Pixelated Images – Don’t even think about it. Instead of raster images, use vector graphics since these will maintain their consistency across different mediums.
  10. Being Too Artsy – Although you want the logo to be distinct and memorable, you likewise want it to be easily understood by people.

Keep these logo design mistakes in mind and avoid making them so that you could be on your way to designing that perfect logo.